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Freedom Kirsten Joy Weiss

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I’m sharing this next episode with you, on “How To Protect Your Freedoms From Anti-Freedom Loopholes” 
This is for you, my friend.
I poured my heart into this, researched for weeks into original documents….and I have much more to say. But I boiled down the concept of protecting True Freedom into this simple video, so that the truth can be shared.
 Even if you only watch the first 30 seconds, you will gain something. 
 I created it because of:
 1) My desire to alert about the corruption (and infringement) I see that’s masked as “reasonable”....
2) The tumult our country is in, while we try to decide on good leaders
3) My passion for true freedom and protecting human rights around the world (a big part of why I started my channel)
4) To simplify & Boil down the idea behind why our country was created, and the freedom ecosystem our constitution creates…
 My hope is that it wakes people up to the fact we are born with human rights, and America was a nation created to protect them  with hopes for that freedom to spread.
Protecting Our Freedoms Is important Now More Than Ever.
….but you’ve probably heard that one before.

Everyone thinks the world will implode suddenly and dramatically because of this or that thing. The truth is, it most likely won’t. If you don’t share this video I made for you, the world will keep ticking. We’ll go on buying big macs and checking our phones for the latest distraction. 

But that doesn’t mean we are safe.

Nope. That’s because freedom corruption is more akin to erosion than a volcano eruption. Think the Grand Canyon… that’s what’s happening to our freedoms — But it’s not gonna be pretty.

 We need to choose LEADERS that respect the constitution, and we need to choose ourself to stand up and speak out.
 So, if this video speaks to you, please share it and its message with others who need to hear it, or need the encouragement that there is still hope!
 Stand up, Speak out, Unite With Me!

Feel Like Fueling The Fire?
Thank you for every single bit of support, whether funds or shares…

We are changing things together 

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