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Aiming Kirsten Joy Weiss barrel support words

Let’s be honest. There aren’t many “quick fixes” on the road to success. Most improvement comes through hours of training the correct way over and over again.

That’s why I’m excited when I can offer you a true “quick fix” to better marksmanship.

Scope words barrel video

looking at barrel barrel tip video wordsThis simple mistake is so common you may not even realize how many people do it around you — heck maybe you even do it yourself sometimes!

Most shooters (myself included) are not taught this when we learn how to shoot, let alone the reasons why …

…but it can make you a better shooter instantly.

Yep, just watch the video and see if you’re actually a better shooter than you think!barrel support point at gun smile words

But be warned, once you are aware of this tiny but extremely influential marksmanship mistake — you’ll start seeing it everywhere! Even in advanced level shooters. 🙂 So don’t feel weird if you do this sometimes. It’s more common than you think!

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