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•••• Sorry, Autographed Calendars Are No Longer Available ••••

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These will be extremely limited edition, only 200 of “The Joy Of Shooting” & 150 of the “SharpShot Calendar”

 Celebrating the Gun & Shooting Lifestyle: 2017 Autographed gun calendars from champion & professional shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss!joy of shooting calendar 2017

Please select your calendars from the drop down menu below. Remember, once they’re gone – they’re gone!

An important note: Autographs will be signed to the name on the  shipping address, unless indicated otherwise.*

Thank you!

Besides her popular Youtube Channel Kirsten’s worked with TV shows like history channel’s “Ancient Impossible”, “Gunny Time” w/ R Lee Ermey, as well as stunt shot for celebrities like Al Pacino, she is passionate about spreading thejoy of shooting calendar 2017 positive reality of shooting and inspires others to do the same.

Celebrity shooter, trick shot, & performance shooter with a successful background in Olympic Style rifle and other disciplines, these autographed calendars are extremely limited edition, so don’t delay!


While we will look to ship them as fast as we can, due to logistics, please allow a few weeks to process. Thank you for your patience!

A portion of the proceeds will go to these Non-Profits:

1) Appleseed Project – Teaching marksmanship & Freedom Heritage

2) Samaritans Purse – Offering national & international relief with purpose to veterans, families, orphans & more

3) Fishers House – Due to your feedback, I picked a 3rd non profit to donate to. There were so many great choices, it truly was a task! I did some research and felt that this year, Fisher House would be a good option not only because of the many suggestions by you, but also its help to veteran families. It also seems to have solid disclosure to the public, which is important from non-profits. Thank you so much for suggesting a 3rd!

“Thank you for your support & the fun that we share, I look forward to this year and the next — Together we are spreading the positive reality of shooting – and the freedom it protects!”


Have you watched the video?


  1. Just saw the YouTube video of shooting without sights. GREAT explanation!!!

    Would like to know about the gun and stock you used in that video as it would make
    a great Christmas gift for the wife !!!

    Thank you

  2. Do you have any footage of your “youth” competitions? I think it would be an inspiration to young ladies trying to get into competitive shooting. Possibly with comments of what was going on in your mind at the time of competition. Maybe showing the planning, preparation and excitement of it all.

  3. Col. Bat Guano says:

    Could you give us any good advice on how to increase concentration when shooting. I’ve been looking in to practicing Mindfulness. What do professional shooters do?

    Hope to see more videos soon! 🙂

    • Kirsten Joy Weiss says:

      This is a huge point you’ve just brought up. Good for you that you even know about its importance! This is the deeper path of shooting (and many “masterful” activities). I could wax poetic about this for some time, as I’ve been studying the deeper roots of many aspects of this for some time. I am still a student, and I’m not sure anyone is ever a full master of this. However, I’ll save this and hopefully touch on it better in the future. For now, I would encourage you to practice “Mindfulness” in every aspect of your life (not an easy task!!), and you will naturally begin to maintain it in shooting. Easier said than done… but worthwhile. I may cover this more in depth in my email list in the future (under “connect” on my website, or on the sidebar under “newsletter”) as not too many people even know what we are talking about and label it “woo woo” lol. I guess they’re simply not ready for it yet, and that’s okay.

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