Blowguns “The Breath of Death” | Poisons, Ninja, Hunting…

Into the Amazon we go…

Only the sound of cicada song reaching to the heights, jungle creatures crawling through the leaves, one with the world around us.

We are blowgun hunting in the canopies and crevices around us. With Blowgun darts tipped in exotic poisons…

In this episode of “Trigger Happy Tuesdays” (ep. 8), we explore the forest, jungles, and cultures surrounding the versatile tool – The Blowgun.

(What do Ninja & Indiana Jones have in common? Blowguns!)

Cultures use them for Blowgun hunting, blowgun fishing, Fukiya, even breathing pipes! And craft blowgun darts out of metal and pirahna teeth, often dipping them in poisons derived from toxic plants and venom! Which ones? (find out in the video) 

Often called The Breath of Death, you’ll find out why in the latest video (below), where we visit lush (& spider infested) locations, as well as ancient cultures like the NINJA, Amazon tribes, and more!

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  1. Steve Mateski says:

    Interesting Video Kirsten… I’m worried that our Little Gun Girl might get lost in the Amazon, and be Adopted by some Tribe. Come back Kirsten, we still need you to show-off Cool Guns and Trick Shooting ~ BTW: Very brave of you to go barefoot there… I’d be in Steel-toe Leather Boots coupled with Hip waders because of all the venomous things that bite and sting there. GREAT Video, and Worth the Wait too ~

    • Kirsten Joy Weiss says:

      Haha, thank you! Don’t worry, I’ll just add that tribe to our tribe, and we’ll all shoot together 😀

  2. Really fun video.

    I started to say you needed war paint, but then I remembered your tribe goes for subtle. 😉

  3. Ed Pfeiffer says:

    Very cool channel. Thanks, Kirsten. Varied, interesting, educational and respectful. Ed

  4. I’m really glad to see this blowgun video Kirsten. Blowguns and slingshots are how all my Children got introduced to aiming and hitting a target before getting to shoot a B.B. gun. You have to go through the motions of Blowgun operation with a “newbie” many times before allowing them to actually load a dart because the natural tendency to take a big inhale before blowing has caused more than one beginner to get a dart in the mouth with an inhale at the mouthpiece before blowing. I Hate it when that happens! It’s easy to avoid with some simple “Dry Fires” & training and the enjoyment that follows is Priceless. If you don’t want to worry any PC Moms, you can use Airsoft ammo instead of darts in your Blowgun for Target shredding competition. I’d suggest keeping the Blowguns in the Gun Safe though, left in the hands of Youngsters… let’s just say that Kids get bored and you might start noticing little tiny holes around your House in the strangest places. The video is Beautiful and informative but I’m wondering just how accurate my Favorite Champion Shooter is with that weapon?

  5. I don’t care about blowguns, I like you best. 😀
    El Mario.

  6. Chuck McCall says:

    Hi Kirsten!
    I posted a comment quite a while back and I don’t know if you responded or not yet.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon if not.
    Happy shooting and stay safe !

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