Shooting Grenade Launchers With The Gunny! – M32A1 – Kirsten Joy Weiss


Whats better than shooting a GRENADE LAUNCHER with the GUNNY?? ...Shooting duel grenade launchers with Gunny!     I had the chance to shoot grenades alongside R Lee Ermey "The Gunny" & teach about the M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher - along with  HUGE explosions of course! Gunny had a special surprise for me as we … [Read more...]

The BAR FN-D Full Auto Machine Gun! – Trigger Happy Tuesday Ep. 3

BAR FND Machine Gun Kirsten Joy Weiss Youtube

The FN-D Light Machine Gun is a variant of the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) was designed by firearms inventor John Browning. (The BAR was originally designed to be carried and used as a the true definition of an assault rifle -- which is fully automatic -- but it was too heavy so was mostly used as a light machine gun. You can see "machine … [Read more...]

Swedish K M/45 Sub-Machine Gun – Trigger Happy Tuesday Ep. 2

Swedish K M45 Kirsten Joy Weiss yt

The Swedish K Submachine gun, also know as the M/45 or K Rifle , was adopted by Carl Gustav arms in 1945. Shooting this full auto gun is smooth as cream compared to other fully automatic guns. The Swedes certainly knew what they were doing when they created this little submachine gun. Watch this video for more! … [Read more...]

The Gritty Glock 18 – Full Auto – Trigger Happy Tuesday Ep. 1

Glock 18 Gun Pistol Girl Kirsten Joy Weiss

The Fully Automatic Glock 18 Pistol. Capable of an average of 1200 rounds per minute, and enough kick to make it interesting. It's not every day full autos jump into our hands, so when it happens we must savor. Savor and shoot. Shoot till our little heart's content. Other than wanting to share every bit of shooting goodness with you, I also … [Read more...]

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