Trick Shots & NRA Interview With Kirsten Joy Weiss, Pro Shooter & Freedom Advocate


Crazy Signature Trick Shots, Many Guns & Interview! Rare insight about Kirsten Joy Weiss - A pro shooter, pro gun and pro freedom advocate, sharing the positive reality of shooting and the freedom it protects. Along with trick shots, you'll discover a little of Kirsten's back story, obstacles overcome, and insight into her mission here with … [Read more...]

Gun Life & Joy Of Shooting Calendars Are Here!

The Joy Of Shooting Calendar

*** All Calendars Sold Out *** Please sign up for the email list here: and let us know you're interested in future calendars First: The Joy Of Shooting - Celebrating what we love, the shooting lifestyle, trick shots, shooting photography, and meaningful quotes to inspireyou for shooting and life ... all year long … [Read more...]

American Girl Sharing & Protecting True Freedom

Freedom Kirsten Joy Weiss

Just an American Girl, with a Global Mindset,  Protecting & Sharing True Freedom. I'm sharing this next episode with you, on "How To Protect Your Freedoms From Anti-Freedom Loopholes"  This is for you, my friend. I poured my heart into this, researched for weeks into original documents....and I have much more to say. But … [Read more...]

Coffee With A Cause

coffee shop

  Who else gets more work done in coffee shops? #guiltyascharged If you look in the background, you'll see a map of India. It's filled with the faces of orphans. This particular coffee shop donates all the profits to orphanages in India. ️️️️ #coffeewithacause It's inspiring, isn't it? That they do so much. A large amount of logistics … [Read more...]

The Joy of Shooting 2016 Calendar is Here!

joy of shooting cover

It's here by popular request, the 2016 Joy of Shooting Calendar  (2016 SOLD OUT) But 2017 Calendars are still available HERE! (click this link)   Celebrating our mutual love for our sport, art, and passion, this quality made calendar is filled to the brim with guns, beautiful photos, trick shots, tips,  and meaningful quotes, built to … [Read more...]

The Rising New Gun Culture? The Today Show’s Coverage of US Gun Owners

Kirsten Joy Weiss Today Show NBC

An encouraging  piece for we shooting enthusiasts aired on The Today Show recently, and it's a must see if you're looking to have a brighter day. As some of you already know, I'm happy to take part in this segment by NBC's widely viewed morning show. Sharing the positive reality about shooting is exactly why I started all this. Though the … [Read more...]

Gardening The Fast and Easy Way – Use A Gun! A New Kind of Garden Tool

Gardening with a gun custom shotgun shells kirsten joy weiss

 Tired of tedious hours of tilling earth and sewing seeds the old fashioned way, just waiting for something to come up? It's time to try a new garden tool -- Gardening with a GUN! We'll load some custom shotgun shells with flower seeds, and garden in style. I'll even show you how to make the flower shotgun shells, so you can choose exactly which … [Read more...]

Girls & Guns… What A Pairing! The Changing Face of the Gun Community

300 blackout Kirsten Joy Weiss Ar-15 Aim branded

Lets face it, guns are fascinating. More and more people of all races, genders, political parties -- you name it -- are waking up to the fact that things which "go boom" also make the heart flutter with the same enthusiasm. And while not specific or exclusive to any one category or gender -- women are discovering the excitement and challenge of … [Read more...]

8 year old Sharp Shot Smashes 22lr from 7 yards! –Sharp Shots In The Field

madeline 4

One of the best things about what I do is when it turns into what we do.  When you share your stories, successes, and ideas with me, whether they be overcoming a shot that challenges you, sharing about times you've directly showed those opposed to guns the fun they're missing,  or explain shooting games you enjoy at the range, I am inspired with … [Read more...]

A Vet Finds Balance Through Shooting & Teaching His Son

Gary teaches son, Rylie, how to shoot

In the Sharp Shot Insider Newsletter, I asked you what you loved most about shooting. The responses flooded in, and I've really enjoyed reading the reasons and stories you've given me. So uplifting! Here's the first one I'd like to pass along. (More to follow) Enjoy! This is Gary and Rylie's story. A veteran and college student who found his … [Read more...]

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