Can You Shoot Blindfolded? Shooting Is More Than Meets The Eye

  Is it possible to shoot blindfolded and still hit your target? The mind's eye is a powerful thing. We often hear the term "visualization" in relation to sports. The experts say to visualize our success, to visualize a good performance, and then you'll be able to achieve the success in real life. While there's a lot of ways to properly … [Read more...]

Flintlocks & Freedom – Shooting Like a Patriot & The Second Amendment

Have you ever shot a flintlock? There's something rooted about these black powder guns. No matter what culture you hail from, you can feel it.  Almost every culture around the world is steeped in flintlock history, America being no exception. The freedom of the United States was backed up by the superior firepower of the flintlock, which was the … [Read more...]

A Bullet Proof Vest Made of Marshmallow Peeps?!

  It's that time of year again. The time of year when Peeps suddenly start encroaching and surrounding us, with their untrustworthy fluffiness. What are they good for? A question that's often asked amongst the curious... and diabetics. Well. I'll tell you. A Bulletproof Peep Vest. That's what. If you're still curious about the … [Read more...]

Are You An Adaptable Shooter? Trick Shots Balancing On A Shaky Fallen Tree

Balancing high on an unstable fallen tree while shooting a gun, I'll illustrate why adaptability is a crucial skill for not only shooting, but life! We all experience obstacles, but the key to success is adaptability. That's what separates those who move forward, and those who stagnate. Come to the forest with me as we Explore the Fun, … [Read more...]

Shooting The Double Barrel 1911 – What A Beast!

I didn't know what the heck to expect. All I knew is that I knew how to safely handle the kick of the pistol. But just in case, I only loaded one round - er... two rounds in this case. The Double Barrel 1911, created by Arsenal Firearms, is truly a beast. How else can you explain a pistol that is basically the size of two 1911s with the kick of … [Read more...]

Can A Computer Make You A Better Shooter?

  Technology permeates our daily lives, but is it a right fit for the shooting range? Watch the video and find out! Question? Leave a comment, like the video and share it with a friend who would like it too!  If you like shooting training and tips, you may be interested in this playlist of shooting tips found here   … [Read more...]

Beauty From Bullets – Bullet Bouquets

If you're like me, you love almost anything that combines shooting and thought provoking creativity. Normally that's satisfied simply by a good range day with unexpected targets, and maybe a convoluted shooting challenge or two. But what about those days where you're stuck inside -- or worse -- at the office?? Blooming just behind our backstops … [Read more...]

The Rising New Gun Culture? The Today Show’s Coverage of US Gun Owners

An encouraging  piece for we shooting enthusiasts aired on The Today Show recently, and it's a must see if you're looking to have a brighter day. As some of you already know, I'm happy to take part in this segment by NBC's widely viewed morning show. Sharing the positive reality about shooting is exactly why I started all this. Though the … [Read more...]

Gardening The Fast and Easy Way – Use A Gun! A New Kind of Garden Tool

 Tired of tedious hours of tilling earth and sewing seeds the old fashioned way, just waiting for something to come up? It's time to try a new garden tool -- Gardening with a GUN! We'll load some custom shotgun shells with flower seeds, and garden in style. I'll even show you how to make the flower shotgun shells, so you can choose exactly which … [Read more...]

Girls & Guns… What A Pairing! The Changing Face of the Gun Community

Lets face it, guns are fascinating. More and more people of all races, genders, political parties -- you name it -- are waking up to the fact that things which "go boom" also make the heart flutter with the same enthusiasm. And while not specific or exclusive to any one category or gender -- women are discovering the excitement and challenge of … [Read more...]

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