The Mutt Gun? – M1 Carbine

M1 carbine mutt gun kjw resize

    The M1 Carbine is no traditional carbine. Rather than follow the sole design of a parent rifle like the M1 Garand...this carbine is a mutt-like mix of designs, minds, and manufacturers -- from General Motors to a jukebox company -- this gun is popular all over the world.  Over 6.5 million were manufactured in WWII (the most … [Read more...]

Can A Computer Make You A Better Shooter?

Youtube scatt mx-02 can a computer make you a better shooter kirsten joy weiss

  Technology permeates our daily lives, but is it a right fit for the shooting range? Watch the video and find out! Question? Leave a comment, like the video and share it with a friend who would like it too!  If you like shooting training and tips, you may be interested in this playlist of shooting tips found here   … [Read more...]

The Desert Eagle Pistol – One of the World’s Biggest – Gun Review

The Desert Eagle One of the Worlds Largest Pistols Kirsten Joy Weiss gun review

The Desert Eagle, or Deagle as it's referred to by gamers, is featured in over 500 hollywood films and countless video games, like Call Of Duty. This pistol is more about entertainment than enjoy the show! Would you ever shoot a Desert Eagle? Remember to "like" the video and share it with friends! … [Read more...]

Swedish K M/45 Sub-Machine Gun – Trigger Happy Tuesday Ep. 2

Swedish K M45 Kirsten Joy Weiss yt

The Swedish K Submachine gun, also know as the M/45 or K Rifle , was adopted by Carl Gustav arms in 1945. Shooting this full auto gun is smooth as cream compared to other fully automatic guns. The Swedes certainly knew what they were doing when they created this little submachine gun. Watch this video for more! … [Read more...]

Gun Review: How The TrackingPoint Rifle Works, Will It Make Shooting Skills Obsolete?

Trackingpoint gun Kirsten Joy Weiss

 Every time someone mentioned the TrackingPoint Rifle System, I couldn’t help but hear the distant rhythmic *clink clink clink* of John Henry’s hammer. If you’re not familiar with the legend of John Henry, its the classic man vs. machine fable. Deep in the railroad tunnels under the mountains,  this strong man --the best in his field-- was pitted … [Read more...]

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