Blowing up 1000 Peeps – Marshmallow Candy Explosion! In SLOW MOTION


Ever want to see 1000 marshmallow peeps blow up and explode into a massive rain of colors and overall rainbow marshmallow candy destruction? Me too. Did we just become best friends? Yup. Wanna do Karate in the garage? 1000 peeps vs. Actual Explosives - Slow Motion Explosion detonated by shooting my FN SCAR into powerful exploding target! The … [Read more...]

Gun Life & Joy Of Shooting Calendars Are Here!

The Joy Of Shooting Calendar

*** All Calendars Sold Out *** Please sign up for the email list here: and let us know you're interested in future calendars First: The Joy Of Shooting - Celebrating what we love, the shooting lifestyle, trick shots, shooting photography, and meaningful quotes to inspireyou for shooting and life ... all year long … [Read more...]

Coffee With A Cause

coffee shop

  Who else gets more work done in coffee shops? #guiltyascharged If you look in the background, you'll see a map of India. It's filled with the faces of orphans. This particular coffee shop donates all the profits to orphanages in India. ️️️️ #coffeewithacause It's inspiring, isn't it? That they do so much. A large amount of logistics … [Read more...]

A Bullet Proof Vest Made of Marshmallow Peeps?!

BulletProof Peep Vest Shoulder Kirsten Joy Weiss resize

  It's that time of year again. The time of year when Peeps suddenly start encroaching and surrounding us, with their untrustworthy fluffiness. What are they good for? A question that's often asked amongst the curious... and diabetics. Well. I'll tell you. A Bulletproof Peep Vest. That's what. If you're still curious about the … [Read more...]

Blowguns Are Fun – Shooting A Blowgun!

shooting a blowgun kirsten joy weiss

You've seen them in cartoons, you've seen them in shows about the Amazon - heck maybe you've even seen one shot in person. But have YOU ever shot a blowgun?? If not, I highly recommend shooting blowguns and you'll see why in this video. Honestly, I didn't know exactly what to expect when I picked up this little blow dart shooting treat. But … [Read more...]

Girls & Guns… What A Pairing! The Changing Face of the Gun Community

300 blackout Kirsten Joy Weiss Ar-15 Aim branded

Lets face it, guns are fascinating. More and more people of all races, genders, political parties -- you name it -- are waking up to the fact that things which "go boom" also make the heart flutter with the same enthusiasm. And while not specific or exclusive to any one category or gender -- women are discovering the excitement and challenge of … [Read more...]

The Desert Eagle Pistol – One of the World’s Biggest – Gun Review

The Desert Eagle One of the Worlds Largest Pistols Kirsten Joy Weiss gun review

The Desert Eagle, or Deagle as it's referred to by gamers, is featured in over 500 hollywood films and countless video games, like Call Of Duty. This pistol is more about entertainment than enjoy the show! Would you ever shoot a Desert Eagle? Remember to "like" the video and share it with friends! … [Read more...]

8 year old Sharp Shot Smashes 22lr from 7 yards! –Sharp Shots In The Field

madeline 4

One of the best things about what I do is when it turns into what we do.  When you share your stories, successes, and ideas with me, whether they be overcoming a shot that challenges you, sharing about times you've directly showed those opposed to guns the fun they're missing,  or explain shooting games you enjoy at the range, I am inspired with … [Read more...]

The BAR FN-D Full Auto Machine Gun! – Trigger Happy Tuesday Ep. 3

BAR FND Machine Gun Kirsten Joy Weiss Youtube

The FN-D Light Machine Gun is a variant of the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) was designed by firearms inventor John Browning. (The BAR was originally designed to be carried and used as a the true definition of an assault rifle -- which is fully automatic -- but it was too heavy so was mostly used as a light machine gun. You can see "machine … [Read more...]

How To Make A Wish With A Gun!

How to Make a wish with a gun Kirsten Joy Weiss Youtube

We've all made a wish by blowing the seeds off of puffy dandelions, but who has made a wish using a GUN??? I'll show you how in this shooting video.... But more than that, I want to share with you my wish for the shooting arts, and for all we are doing to share them.... So watch and enjoy! … [Read more...]

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