Exploding Chalk?? Shooting Chalk With A Gun! – Target Test #2

Does Chalk Explode When You Blast It With A Gun??

Does it make a fun & good target for the range? Have you ever shot Chalk? More than a few people told me I needed to try it, as chalk will EXPLODE upon impact. Of course this got me excited to test it out and see if what they said was true!

Before I tested this, I knew that, whether or not it truly vaporized, colored chalk had the potential to be a cheap, fairly challenging, easy-to-set up reactive target for gun fun you can easily enjoy on the shooting range too!

So this is Target Test #2 We will shoot colored chalk with both a Volquartsen ultra-lite 22 rifle and a B.A.D. BAD556LW AR-15 rifle to see what happens! I was told chalk makes an excellent target and explodes upon impact — is it true??


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Watch Target Test #1 here

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