Flintlocks & Freedom – Shooting Like a Patriot & The Second Amendment

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Have you ever shot a flintlock?

There’s something rooted about these black powder guns. No matter what culture you hail from, you can feel it.  Almost every culture around the world is steeped in flintlock history, America being no exception.

The freedom of the United States was backed up by the superior firepower of the flintlock, which was the top technology of its day. The British had smoothbore guns, and the rifling in the Patriot’s flintlocks during the Revolutionary War gave them a few extra yards and a lot more accuracy. What an advantage!

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In fact, when the constitution was written, the founding fathers of America knew how important it was to allow private citizens to own arms of all sorts (not just guns) equal to, or greater, than the military’s. That’s why they wrote the second amendment, and crafted it in such away to allow for technological advancements as well. They sought to prevent us, private law abiding citizens, from being dissarmed by loop holes and rhetoric.

But all the amendments  in the Bill of Rights can be disarmed if we let people disarm us. It’s our choice. If we let them take away those rights, or even infringe upon them in any way (which by definition includes *any* limiting of our civil and human rights) we only have ourselves to blame. 


Because America’s structure and foundation already has what it needs to support our freedom in the form of human rights, in the form of the Constitution. We must simply lean on that structure again.

 You see, the Bill of Rights within the Constitution simply recognized *human rights* we should already have as people. The hope was that the freedom grown in America for basic human rights, would spread all over the world. It was an inclusive idea, and recognized that every human was created equal and endowed with inalienable rights, given by the Creator.

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That’s why means to defend yourself (or other innocent people) from those looking to take  human rights away by force is so important. If attempted by force, we can then exercise the second to protect ourselves and others. If attempted slowly and deceptively, like what’s often happening now…, we can pray we notice, and then exercise our first, face it head on with truth and our own voices in a peaceful manner. Quite like writing this article, or doing this video.

The founding father’s knew both ways of grabbing freedom, be it by deception or by force, and carefully crafted the Constitution with this in mind. Everything touched upon here is well documented in the history during that time, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and many historical letters and documents written by the founding fathers in their originals. I’ve read them, and those are my direct sources for what I’m speaking about now. There is only clarity to be had when one reads the originals, so I encourage you to do so too. Therein lies the purest form of truth.

There is no question all the amendments are for all private citizens, with no limitations. They are all crafted to support each other, letting freedom breath and grow unhindered.

On that important note, we move to a lighter note. How massively FUN it is to shoot a flintlock!!

In this video we’ll shoot like PATRIOTS, I’ll even show you how to load the gun… not without its hitches 😀

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  1. David Cassidy says:


    Excellent article! Here in California, the Democrat controlled legistrature is hellbent on taking guns out of all hands! I’m not sure if there’s any way to turn things around either. We’re thinking it might be time to get out of Dodge before its too late!
    What are your thoughts on this horrid situation?

    God bless you!


    • Kirsten Joy Weiss says:

      Well, it’s certainly unconstitutional. There’s no question about it. In addition, you have the Supreme Court on your side, who ruled in favor of the fact the 2nd amendment is for private citizens (and in fact includes ALL arms, not just guns). So…if this was a lawsuit the case would be a done deal. I’m not sure why the NRA hasn’t trounced this. So it’s up to you. If we take the stance that no one will act FOR us…and we must do it for ourselves. We will get more done. Not to say we can’t have help and support, we can and do. But we can’t get sucked into group-think, and let someone else take a stand for us. As a Californian, you know your situation better than anyone. I’m sure you have friends that will gather behind you. Perhaps consult a gun-friendly lawyer, or contact the NRA themselves for advice. Once I know more, I’ll chime in further.

  2. Pretty cool gun. I used to own and shoot a Black pwder rifle, but it was a cap lock not a Flint lock. Never had the chance to shoot a Flint lock but the cap lock was sure fun!


  3. Marc Walter says:

    Very good article. Got to keep America like Disneyland :). Keep up the good work.

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