Gollum And Gun Safety, The One Rule To Rule Them All!


gollum and gun safety Kirsten Joy Weiss
Though an important topic, sometimes gun safety can be a either a dull subject or a fear inducing subject. 

Let’s switch it up.

While I’m not diminishing the other rules at all, I think its best to keep things simple, especially when someone’s first learning or encountering firearms. We have a tendency to OVER emphasize certain rules that, while worthwhile, aren’t extremely essential to know immediately. This has the disadvantage of making firearms look much more dangerous than they actually are AND puts more information into a new shooter’s head than they can safely remember.

Gun safety is simple. 

This one simple rule encompasses or enhances all the other rules. In addition, if all the other rules are accidentally forgotten, this important rule will still keep everyone safe. It’s great for new shooters, who often are overwhelmed trying to remember everything we tell them in the first place :).

It’s a rule to keep in mind, keep everyone safe….and to rule them all. 😉

 Enjoy, my friends!

Do you remember the first time you learned about gun safety? Who showed you and how did their teachings make you feel?  Let me know in the comments! 

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