GUN Art?! Painting With A Gun!

Making Art With A GUN?? All it takes is a little paint, a big canvas, and an AR-15, of course!


As an accomplished artist in other areas of my life (see an example here) , I posed the question: Can a so called “Assault weapon” be an “Artist’s Tool” and create beauty?
Of course! Guns are tools, simply servants of the people who wield them.

Let’s see if we can create something beautiful together!

After all, this is The Joy of Shooting & Joy of Painting combined… 😀 !

Have other shooter, artist, or friends that do both? Share this with them!

Now, what does this conjure for you?


  1. Marc Walter says:

    That is a really good drawing. What is the idea behind this picture? Is it someone alive now? The past? You should post more drawings. I need to visit the Cody museum. I’ve always been drawn to old west history. Thanks for sharing.

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