Is it Terrible? Taurus Curve Truth | Pro Shooter Gun Review




The Taurus CURVE is the pistol people love to HATE. *But*, is the often ridiculed Taurus Curve Pistol actually a GOOD conceal carry gun?

Did you know it doesn’t even have sights?? But surprisingly, that isn’t a deal breaker…

In this full gun review, we’ll take a look at the Taurus Curve, a pistol designed solely for conceal carry and self defense pistol use.  Known for its wild curved design, we’ll see if it has a practical use as well. We’ll take a look at how the Taurus curve fits your body’s natural curves, as well as how the pistol shoots and how it functions. Ultimately, we’ll decide if the Taurus Curve is a good conceal carry gun choice, or not.

 The Curve is a unique conceal carry gun for sure. But is it among the best conceal carry guns? Let’s take a look!

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