The Mutt Gun? – M1 Carbine


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The M1 Carbine is no traditional carbine.

Rather than follow the sole design of a parent rifle like the M1 Garand…this carbine is a mutt-like mix of designs, minds, and manufacturers — from General Motors to a jukebox company — this gun is popular all over the world.  Over 6.5 million were manufactured in WWII (the most of any US military gun during that time), and it was used by the likes of Audie Murphy, Merril’s Maurauders, and the soldiers of Iwo Jima. A fascinating history for sure, does it have a place in shooting today? Is it a good training gun? Is it worth even considering?

M1 carbine sights Kirsten Joy Weiss

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Is this something you’d shoot today? Let me know in the comments. Remember to share this with others who would enjoy learning about this “Mutt Gun” :D!  – Kirsten 





  1. Peter Smith says:

    Hi Kirsten- I highly respect your shooting skills & cute. Not sure where to get my questions to you- SO:
    I’m an old (young type) guy who carried an M14 while in the Marines air wing; been away from shooting
    I’ve got 1) Henry rd. barrel lever 22 WMR and 2) Henry 22WMR mare’s leg w/ sling and Williams open sights. Trying to get accuracy out of Henry mare’s leg, using sling over my head and supporting gun on my elbow (modified Marines style). Any comments you can give on upgrading my Henry Mare’s leg gun and on best shooting positions (prone?) for accuracy. I like target shooting this gun and as a survival gun
    Thanks in advance for any comments you can give/ I know you’re busy!

    • Kirsten Joy Weiss says:

      Hi Peter,
      First, if you’d like to ask questions even more directly from my email list (here’s the link for your convenience
      I’d answer your questions here, but I’m not sure on some details. Prone is almost always most stable off a bipod or sandbag. But if you are using sling, wrapping your arm in the sling does a bang up job of stabilizing too. I’m not sure how you want to upgrade your Mare’s leg? A new gun? A modification of the gun you have? Okay, hope that helped a *little* for now. I’ll see you in email 🙂

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