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GREAT forward momentum!

Because of you and the Joy of Shooting Calendar sales, we not only gave (and continue to give) thousands to Veteran and Youth organizations (listed below) but created our first ever SCHOLARSHIP as well!

This makes me giddy, I can’t wait to do even more of this together!

• Through various work projects and hopefully through you joining us at – we continue to support the positive reality of shooting – and the freedom it protects. If you aren’t already with us, Join us! 😀

I believe no matter how much or how little a person receives, we should pay it forward and help create positive change.

Some organizations Ive contributed to this past year with your help :
Samaritans Purse – Operation Heal Our Patriots (veteran support)
Appleseed Project – Teaching history and marksmanship
Camp His Way – Youth Marksmanship Scholarship

Thank you and Stay SHARP! – Kirsten 


  1. My daughter wants to learn to shoot so I may send her here and your Youtube channel.

    In the arena of positive change, you have a spelling error on your bio page: “Bisley, Enlgand”.

    Great site and great work. Keep it up.

  2. Chris Maggard says:

    I am a Kentuckian, shooting, casting and reloading have been my anchor and passion. It does my heart good, to see a gorgeous young thing, to advance the art of marksmanship and shooting to the mainstream! Never ever give up!

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