Shooting A Fidget Spinner? A New Way To Spin A Fidget Spinner!

You’ve seen them everywhere. Fidget Spinners. People want new ways to spin Fidget Spinners. Yet, everyone seems to be spinning them in their fingers…

But how about spinning them, by shooting them with a gun? 


Fidget Spinner Tricks are all the rage. But this is the first trick to shoot a Fidget Spinner with a gun!!

So let’s do a Trick Shot and see if we can make this spin!

I’m set up at about 25 yards, my target area is about the size of a 22 bullet, and the wind is at about 15 mph… This should be interesting!

Here’s a NEW way to spin a Fidget Spinner!

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  1. Carl Paladino says:

    Great shooting as always. There is nothing you can’t hit.

  2. Carl Paladino says:

    There is nothing you can’t hit.

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