Shooting Bang Snaps Fireworks?? What Happens…

band snaps fireworks

Do you get bored with paper targets?

I do. I’ve shot a LOT of paper in my career. We used to joke that our guns were “advanced paper punching machines”. Beyond spreading the positive reality of shooting, protecting our Second Amendment, and all the other lofty hopes we hold together… I want to have fun. And I know you do too…

So I made this video for you (click here to watch) It’s called, “Shooting Bang Snaps Fireworks?? – Target Test”

In it, we’ll see if Snaps (also known as Bang Snaps, Pop-its, snappers, whiz bangs…and various other silly names) make the grade as good targets!

(Hint: They’re quite challenging!)

It’s the first episode of what will hopefully be a series of episodes like this, which I call “Target Tests”… basically created for all those with paper target related ADHD….like me 😀

What do you think? Do you want to see more Target Tests? Do you have some you’d like me to try out? Share! I’m just as curious as you 🙂

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