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Before there was Youtube or Sharp Shots…

(Just a few highlights from my competition career)

You’ll find world championships, world cups,  Olympic short-list, NCAA and more–but it pales in comparison to where I am now.

While I recommend that style of pursuit for many, and certainly learned valuable lessons while honing my skills — it only goes so far. Being a part of something much greater than just my individual goals as a shooter, spreading and sharing the positive reality of shooting alongside you, is fulfilling to say the least. However, for those curious, you can find a few highlights from my competition career below.

Disclaimer: Lest beginners be intimidated and think they have to start years back to achieve anything, I started much later than normal with shooting. And although my parents enjoyed guns and shooting (even bow!), we really didn’t go to the range as much as one might assume. It wasn’t until highschool that I jumped into the competition fray and then took it even more seriously in my college years and beyond. That said, shooting (unlike  other sports) is able to be a life long pursuit and art. You truly can start at ANY age. So as the proverb says…..a journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step.

So give it a shot!


My hope is you’re simply inspired and encouraged by anything I ever show you, including this. However, know that medals mean nothing in comparison to the internal journey and overall enjoyment of purely shooting. Medals and conventional measurements of success in sports don’t prove as much as we like to think they do ;).

For example, the Japanese masters measure success in a more holistic way – as action becomes art, and art becomes interwoven in life.

The wild thing is that a person can most certainly hold medals, records, and papers signifying conventional accomplishment and never truly understand as much as the person quietly practicing his art in a deeper inner-sense without outside acknowledgments — or even the need for it.

Please don’t get me wrong. Accomplishments take a massive amount of effort and in no way am I taking that away from anyone (including myself! haha). However, I simply want to stress that an inner journey and mastery of the shooting arts can exist with or without conventional measures of success and is truly valuable, if not more so.

The point is:

A person can truly experience the journey of mastery without ever gaining a medal, while another person can have many medals without every truly experiencing the journey. 

And the journey is the most important part of all. 

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And now to the stats:


Women’s National Champion Gold Medal – NRA National Smallbore Championships

NRA National Smallbore Championships – Silver Medal Overall

Olympic Short-List

Top Performing US Athlete – Munich World Cup

U.S. Olympic Trials – 8th place overall


Champion of Champions Match/Fall Selections 2nd Place Silver Medal

National Championships Top 8 

Spring Selections Top 8

Rocky Mountain Games Top 8

Rocky Mountain Games Prone Super Final


Champion of Champions Match/Fall Selections top 4

Spring Selections Top 5


NRA Second-Team All-American, Smallbore

CRCA Second-Team All-Collegiate, Smallbore


NCAA Individual Second Place Smallbore

CRCA Second-Team All-Collegiate, Smallbore

NRA First-Team All-American, Smallbore

First-Team NRA All-Collegiate, Smallbore

First-Team All-GARC, Smallbore

Czech Liberation Cup

Second-Team All-GARC, Combined

Honorable-Mention All-GARC, Air Rifle


ISSF World Championships Shooting Team

Junior Prone National Champion

Second place in junior smallbore, third place in open prone at nationals

NRA Second-Team All-American, Smallbore

Second-Team GARC All-Conference, Smallbore

Junior Olympic National Silver, Smallbore

Gold – Junior Women’s World Team Tryout


State Champion – USA Junior Olympic

USA Shooting National Development Team (2005-2008)

Four-time Big 12 Commissioner’s Fall Honor Roll (2004-2007)

Four-time Big 12 Commissioner’s Spring Honor Roll (2005- 2008)

Off the range, Weiss excelled in the classroom, capturing spots on the Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll in both the fall and spring semesters. She finished her Husker career with eight spots on the league academic honor roll and a 3.8 overall GPA.

Before Nebraska

Weiss competed as a junior shooter at Palmyra Sportsmen, winning many medals there as well.  She took second place in the Junior Sharpshooter competition at Camp Perry, Ohio, in 2003, falling just one point short of championship wares. Weiss took first place at National Guard competitions in Pennsylvania and Arkansas in 2004, and won an individual gold medal in the outdoor three-position smallbore at the 2004 International Junior match in Bisley, England. Her team also claimed a gold medal in smallbore and a bronze medal in air rifle in the same match.

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