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Just a few highlights from Kirsten’s competition career

Scroll down, and you’ll find a list full of World Championships, World cups,  Olympic short-list, NCAA and more

— but it pales in comparison to where she is now in her journey.

“My hope is you’re simply inspired and encouraged by anything I ever share with you, including these highlights.

Though I’ve had amazing success in my career. I’ve never been a huge fan of the weight we put on medals. They never tell the whole story.

 The Japanese masters measure success in a more holistic way – as action becomes art, and art becomes interwoven in life.

Any meaningful accomplishment takes effort, but before you scroll down it’s important to understand that medals and conventional measurements of success in sports don’t prove as much as we like to think they do. I can say that openly, because I’ve had conventional success myself as well as witnessed others with high levels of conventional success.

A person can have many medals without ever truly experiencing the journey, mastery, & art of shooting, while another person can experience the true art of shooting without ever gaining a single medal.

The bottom line is:

Medals pale in comparison to the internal journey and overall enjoyment of purely shooting. Medals don’t signify internal mastery of the art into life.  They are just one small way to mark your path if you so choose — but not the only way.

Your journey is your own. The experience, lessons, and enjoyment along the path, is the true reward and the way to true mastery – in shooting & life.” – Kirsten

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And now just a few stats:

Gold Medal – NRA National Smallbore Championships – Women’s National Champion 

Gold Medal – Smallbore International Match Bisley, England

Silver Medal Overall – NRA National Smallbore Championships

ISSF World Championships Shooting Team

Olympic Short-List

Munich World Cup Team

Silver Medal – Champion of Champions Match/Fall Selections

Top Performing US Athlete – Munich World Cup

U.S. Olympic Trials – Top Finalists

Czech Liberation Cup Team

Rocky Mountain Games Prone Super Final

Silver Medal – NCAA Individual Smallbore

Smallbore – All Collegiate

NRA All-American, Smallbore

CRCA  All-Collegiate, Smallbore

NRA All-Collegiate, Smallbore 

All-GARC, Smallbore

Bronze Medal – Open prone National Championships 

Gold Medal – World Championship Team Tryout

Gold Medal – Junior Prone National Champion

Silver Medal- junior smallbore National Championships

Silver Medal- Junior Olympic National, Smallbore

Gold Medal- State Champion – USA Junior Olympic

2 Gold Medals – National Guard Competitions

Team medals – Gold & Bronze (smallbore/air rifle) International Match Bisley, England

Silver Medal –  Sharpshooter Camp Perry

USA Shooting National Development Team (4 years)

Eight-time Big 12 Commissioner’s Spring/Fall Honor Roll 

Off the range, Weiss excelled in the classroom. She finished her Husker career with eight spots on the league academic honor roll and a 3.8 overall GPA.

This list is not comprehensive, but rather a few highlights from Kirsten’s competition career.

This list does not include records set and accomplishments currently with performance shooting and other exciting endeavors. 

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