Shooting Grenade Launchers With The Gunny! – M32A1 – Kirsten Joy Weiss

Whats better than shooting a GRENADE LAUNCHER with the GUNNY??

…Shooting duel grenade launchers with Gunny!



I had the chance to shoot grenades alongside R Lee Ermey “The Gunny” & teach about the M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher – along with  HUGE explosions of course!

Gunny had a special surprise for me as we shot duel grenade launchers at a bunker down range…

The Milkor M32 MGL grenade launcher is used by militaries all around the world. The M32A1 is produced by Milkor USA (sister to Vltor weapon systems) , and packs 6 rounds that can be dumped in less than 3 seconds by a skilled operator. It features a revolver like set up and with medium velocity grenades, can reach up to 800 meters with a destruction radius of about 10 meters!

But most importantly, it’s fun to shoot 😀

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