GUN Art?! Painting With A Gun!

Making Art With A GUN?? All it takes is a little paint, a big canvas, and an AR-15, of course!   As an accomplished artist in other areas of my life (see an example here) , I posed the question: Can a so called "Assault weapon" be an "Artist's Tool" and create beauty? Of course! Guns are tools, simply servants of the people who wield … [Read more...]

Blowguns Are Fun – Shooting A Blowgun!

You've seen them in cartoons, you've seen them in shows about the Amazon - heck maybe you've even seen one shot in person. But have YOU ever shot a blowgun?? If not, I highly recommend shooting blowguns and you'll see why in this video. Honestly, I didn't know exactly what to expect when I picked up this little blow dart shooting treat. But … [Read more...]

The Desert Eagle Pistol – One of the World’s Biggest – Gun Review

The Desert Eagle, or Deagle as it's referred to by gamers, is featured in over 500 hollywood films and countless video games, like Call Of Duty. This pistol is more about entertainment than enjoy the show! Would you ever shoot a Desert Eagle? Remember to "like" the video and share it with friends! … [Read more...]

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