Shooting A Fidget Spinner? A New Way To Spin A Fidget Spinner!

You've seen them everywhere. Fidget Spinners. People want new ways to spin Fidget Spinners. Yet, everyone seems to be spinning them in their fingers... But how about spinning them, by shooting them with a gun?  Fidget Spinner Tricks are all the rage. But this is the first trick to shoot a Fidget Spinner with a gun!! So let's do a Trick … [Read more...]

What Happens When…. You Shoot Party Poppers With a Gun?

    This is part of a series I call "What Happens When...?" I'm a very curious person, and this is a way for us to explore some curiosities together. Like all my shots, I do them for the first time with you. So when it comes to what happens when....? Your guess is as good as mine. This is simply a fun, curiosity shot. … [Read more...]

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