Shooting Bang Snaps Fireworks?? What Happens…

Do you get bored with paper targets? I do. I've shot a LOT of paper in my career. We used to joke that our guns were "advanced paper punching machines". Beyond spreading the positive reality of shooting, protecting our Second Amendment, and all the other lofty hopes we hold together... I want to have fun. And I know you do too... So I made this … [Read more...]

Precision Pumpkin Carving With A Gun!

Most people carve pumpkins with knives. But why be like everyone else? "Precision Pumpkin Carving" is a shooting game that you can enjoy any time there's pumpkins in the field (but make sure you buy one, as I imagine farmers get  a little ticked finding holes in their pumpkins...)  So how do you  carve a pumpkin with a gun? Let's … [Read more...]

COLORED EXPLOSIVES and FIREPOWER – Happy Independence Day!

 Celebrate the Fourth Of July, America's Independence Day, the right way - with fun, freedom, and firearms!! Oh yeah. And explosives of course. But unlike the holiday, these exploding targets aren't exactly traditional. I felt the need to color them red, white, and blue. But how? I'll answer that question in the video. In addition to the … [Read more...]

What Happens When…. You Shoot Party Poppers With a Gun?

    This is part of a series I call "What Happens When...?" I'm a very curious person, and this is a way for us to explore some curiosities together. Like all my shots, I do them for the first time with you. So when it comes to what happens when....? Your guess is as good as mine. This is simply a fun, curiosity shot. … [Read more...]

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