Shooting A Fidget Spinner? A New Way To Spin A Fidget Spinner!

You've seen them everywhere. Fidget Spinners. People want new ways to spin Fidget Spinners. Yet, everyone seems to be spinning them in their fingers... But how about spinning them, by shooting them with a gun?  Fidget Spinner Tricks are all the rage. But this is the first trick to shoot a Fidget Spinner with a gun!! So let's do a Trick … [Read more...]

Are You An Adaptable Shooter? Trick Shots Balancing On A Shaky Fallen Tree

Balancing high on an unstable fallen tree while shooting a gun, I'll illustrate why adaptability is a crucial skill for not only shooting, but life! We all experience obstacles, but the key to success is adaptability. That's what separates those who move forward, and those who stagnate. Come to the forest with me as we Explore the Fun, … [Read more...]

Shooting Blindfolded?? Use the Force…

No one in history has ever done a blindfolded Performance Shot with a rifle, and especially at this distance.  Until now of course :) Let's give it a shot, and make history together! Watch the video below to see the shot in action, and hear a few of the obstacles that make this shot particularly challenging --minus the obvious … [Read more...]

Baseball And Guns!

  What's better (or more American) than Guns or Baseball? Combining the two of course!  Confession: I wasn't sure what to get my Dad for Father's Day. You Dad's out there are hard to buy for sometimes. And who wants the same old tie, golf balls, or tool set? Ok ok, it's the thought that … [Read more...]

What Shooting From A Helicopter Teaches About Present Moment Or “Hanging By a Moment” – In a Helicopter

“Don’t be scared of hanging out of the helicopter to get a better shot, you’ll have a harness.” Shouted the adept pilot over the whipping blades above us. “You mean this?” I held up a floppy black seatbelt, looking no more secure than the belts in the old jetta I hoped to blow up. Well, here we go. I shrugged my shoulders internally, and … [Read more...]

3 Dimes, 30 Paces, 1 Dime Daisy

30 Paces + 3 Dimes = 1 Dime Daisy.   Breath deeply, relax, try to catch the shine of the metal dime in the sunlight. There it is! Now it's gone. Patience....Patience....the sun will glint off it again, patience! Still can't see it. Don't squint. Stay relaxed. Focus. Here comes the wind. Dime's shining! Relax those … [Read more...]

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