The Joy of Shooting 2016 Calendar is Here!

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It’s here by popular request, the 2016 Joy of Shooting Calendar  (2016 SOLD OUT)

But 2017 Calendars are still available HERE! (click this link)



Celebrating our mutual love for our sport, art, and passion, this quality made calendar is filled to the brim with guns, beautiful photos, trick shots, tips,  and meaningful quotes, built to inspire you for shooting and life!

So explore the deeper aspects of life and the shooting arts – especially the Fun, Challenge, and Joy found in both.

Can’t wait and want it right this second!? CLICK HERE to snag this first edition calendar (limited quantities)

***They CAN be shipped to Canada & countries overseas such as the UK, Germany, Australia, etc. with shipping coming from distribution centers in most of the places where you live. (cheaper and faster) cool, huh? 😉 Just click your country in the list found here and it will redirect you to a country friendly site ***

Still Curious? Keep scrolling.

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Created to inspire your life and shooting journey to new reaches, because  you can.

This calendar strengthens…

By grabbing this for yourself, family, and friends, you

• Feed the desire to shoot, and shoot better

• Inspire yourself and others to new reaches and thinking

• Enjoy the experience of our sport and art through visual tale

•Stand alongside spreading the positive reality of shooting

• Support youth marksmanship and wounded vets, as a portion of the profits from every calendar goes to charity

• Strengthen our rights to bear arms


• Make quite a statement in the office or living room…

helicopter propro star wars

This calendar offers year long inspiration, capturing the spirit of the sport we love. And it is more meaningful because of you.

So what are you waiting for? Take a peek and buy one for yourself, your daughter or son, or a shooting loving friend. This first edition will have limited quantities. So get it before it’s sold out! Oh! And here’s a little gift – a coupon for coming this far 🙂 “WholeSale10” (case sensitive) for 10% off!

* I think you know this by now, but this calendar is family friendly. So bikinis? No.  Blowing up a car from a helicopter? yes.  Take a look 

A portion of the profits from each calendar will go to the following charities:

Youth Marksmanship Camp – “Camp His Way”

Wounded Veterans- “Wishes For Warriors”

Outdoor/marksmanship programs for youth with disabilities – Y.O.U Washington

Samaritan’s Purse

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Thank you so much, Aim True and Happy Shooting!  – Kirsten


  1. Marc Walter says:

    Happy to support you and your charities. One will go up on my frig. One will go up in wheat lab to replace those boring office max calenders. You’re a good one! Keep up the good work.

  2. Hilary Brust says:

    First, it’s Kirstin!…I mean, what’s not to love! Second, the photography is top notch…third, the inspirational messages are perfect…fourth, the quality of the calendar itself is impressive; the heavy card stock, the layout…fifth, did I say it’s Kirstin? Again, what’s not to love…she has obviously put herself, heart and soul, pride and passion, into this calendar, and it shows…well well done…

  3. Robert bodkin says:

    If I buy one can you write Happy Birthday from K.J Weiss on January 19.

  4. I just mentioned to my wife this morning that we should celebrate the joy of shooting today, and then I ran across your calendar titled “The Joy of Shooting Calendar”. So, I had to order one. Your calendar will serve as a reminder throughout the year of the joy of shooting and to get out and shoot more often…just for the fun of it. Thanks for being there and for all that you do in representing our sport so uniquely and wonderfully!

  5. Josh Ready says:

    Sold! I will give this to my 11 year old daughter who is just now getting into shooting. I bought her a .22 bolt for Christmas and myself a Tavor. She loves hers and is already shooting mine and asking for her own semi. Maybe after a year of your calendar she will be ready for a .50? As much as I would love to see a bikini calendar I am glad you went this route!

  6. Michael Scott says:

    I recently discovered your YouTube videos and website and I am impressed. You have heard and received all the accolades and awards, so you don’t need mine. But I do want to share that your videos bring back memories of the joy I once felt shooting and hope to feel again. I find it awkward to use joy when describing your videos, see how it is your name and all, but joy fits. It is in your voice, your eyes and your actions – and it is energizing, engaging and a pleasure to watch.

    It is mid April – actually a little late for purchasing a calendar. I purchased one because of not only how you share a portion of your profits, but also because I thoroughly enjoy your videos. I’ve shared your videos with my oldest daughter, husband and children (eight, seven girls, one boy) not only for the instruction and cool stuff, but for the inspiration that is your life. Hell, I’m at least twice your age and I am inspired!!

    The first time I pulled the trigger on a gun I was about six, but my first gun was a Daisy one pump BB gun. A cousin gave it to me when I was eight years of age. It was one of those with the screw in magazine. The gun was a bit eccentric and so required developing a relationship with it to shoot. It shot straight out to about 20 feet, then hooked a curving right turn. I’m guessing the BBs spit out of it spinning sideways!However, it was a predictable curve, happening pretty much the same way every time. So, over time I could shoot ten cans off of fence posts while riding my bike and hit sweet gum balls hanging in the tree.

    In my early teens I shot my dad’s Marlin model 60. My dad often told me that his dad could strike a wooden match with a .22. I just had to take his word for it because my grandfather had passed on, but I also had to try and do it. From about ten yards out I could consistently shoot the head off a match, but never lit one. That may be one for you to try! I later had a Savage Anschutz .22 bolt action with a 4x scope. Gorgeous rifle, the kind of wood finish one could see into and incredibly accurate.

    Over the years shooting has risen and fallen in my life for various reasons. Recently it has returned. It can be difficult to explain to others the pure pleasure of shooting, but for me it is a meditative experience. Meditation is about awareness, calm, focus and letting go – all aspects of shooting.

    Thank you for your work, your videos and for bringing to life in a very real way the joy, pleasure and even the serenity of shooting.

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