Welcome Friend!

I’m excited to share the positive reality of shooting with you.

The Fun, Challenge, and Joy of Shooting – 

and inspire you to join me in doing the same.

Shooting is a unifying pursuit for all. Every creed, race, and gender.

It spans time and history, and is deeply connected to our roots as people. It doesn’t matter your nation, political party, gender, or religion. Shooting brings people together in camaraderie, and is a right all free people should enjoy.

As a champion pro shooter and performance shot interested in sharing freedom through action, I formed this community for those energized by the positive message and enjoyment of the shooting arts.

We, as Sharp Shots, transcend beyond the expected norms and tired stereotypes, offering a fresh perspective on the shooting experience. We stand as positive, strong examples in the face of the usual rhetoric surrounding gun culture in America.

I invite you to share this dynamic culture with us and the rest of the world through performance shooting videos, trick shots, gun reviews, shooting games, shooting tips, articles and more!

Shooting is Therapeutic. It’s Energizing. It Empowers the Senses. It Challenges. It Entertains. It Imparts Joy. But all this falls flat unless you experience it for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get on the range and shoot!

Aim True & Happy Shooting,





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