Who is a Sharp Shot?


You are.

Here’s why:

At the most basic level, a Sharp Shot is curious….and here you are.

You don’t have to be a professional, to be a Sharp Shot.

In fact, all you have to be is curious and willing to let that curiosity spread freely.  Into your bones. Pumping in your heart. Flowing in your veins–and out of the gun barrel as your first shot meets your target. That’s when you realize this: The smell of gunpowder isn’t nearly as strong as your spirit. You are a Sharp Shot.

Sharp Shots explore the potential in themselves and the shooting sports.

We continually  discover the many life benefits and secrets unfurled through the quest for shooting expertise and enjoyment. Sharp Shots are at the same time fun-loving and tenacious. Though we recognize that  life and shooting (especially trick shooting) rarely hand anyone the ideal scenario, we smile at the obstacles. They hold opportunity to thrive and shine in the face of challenge. We do not require or even believe in perfection, but rather effort and growth one step at a time….in sport and life.

Sharp Shots stand as positive, strong examples in the face of the usual rhetoric surrounding gun culture in America.

Rather than wade through the muck of endless negative debate, we are energized by action and first hand experience. Voicing and sharing our positive reality, we help and encourage others to join in the experience, and decide for themselves through true, ideally first hand, interaction with the lifestyle.

And Sharp Shots simply just love to shoot and share that love with others!

Shooting is unifying, brimming with chances for camaraderie. You are here to discover the Fun, Challenge, and Joy of shooting with us.

A hearty welcome to the Sharp Shots!

KirstenKirsten Joy Weiss Rifle

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A short definition of: Sharp Shots

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