Support The Positive Reality of Shooting & Freedom – Here’s How!

Hello Friend!

After much careful thought and many requests by people like you, I finally decided to open up a new avenue of support for our mission.

The mission to spread the positive reality of shooting and the freedom it protects.

You know as well as I do that ignorance and fear are great opponents to freedom, and our rights. I created this channel to share the truth of what we experience, and to inspire others to do the same. To meet that fear with positivity and truth — and it’s working! Hearts and minds are changing around the world.

Next. I’m a scrapper. I’ll keep the very long hours going, and I’ll work my tail off to keep this mission alive. It’s that important.

However, why handicap this? And even more so, why not let people be a stronger part of this alongside me? This is bigger than any of us, and together is the only way we will make a true difference.

Thank you for your support, time – and sharing this with others. That means a LOT, and goes a long way. If you’d like to be a more official partner in this, there’s a way now. And here’s the link

I am creating this as a response to your requests for a way to contribute funds, but also as a way to  contribute potential content to you that doesn’t quite make the “youtube cut”. Perhaps more helpful shooting articles, impromptu useful videos answering questions about shooting, etc.

The reality is, the mission is strong, fueled by passion, (organic) coffee, and a whole lot of moxie. Funds are simply a way to fuel the fire to grow bigger, stronger, and reach more people for good.

I will continue regardless, but thank you for being beside me in this.

Here’s my new page:

Visit the new page here:

Feel free to message me or leave comments below. I look forward to it!

Aim True, Kirsten

(p.s. The video here is an interview that was done, and shows a little bit about my mission and why I’m here with you today. Please enjoy)


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